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OK, so the bottom picture is of the truck&2 trailers that have been parked on a roadway for over a month now. You can see on the license plate it has an expired sticker dated June 2013. And again no trailer ownerships-today I find the top picture of a new truck hooked to the trailer with a "T" license sticker on the plate. Same CVOR# indicated on the cab of the truck- ? hhhmmm?2013-10-03 09 32 46.jpg


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I'd say there is probably some monkey business going on, but what? It could be any number of things ...


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If it has been sitting for a month could have been stolen and dumped call the cops or grab the ownership out of the front of the trailer and call the owner. If there are any trailers sitting on the road around our area for any length of time I always look at the ownership and call the owners if it has been stolen we will grab it up for them ( after the cops are done with it) and stick it in our yard so they don't have to pay a towing bill.