Roadway Transport


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Booked a load with this guy for the truck to be onsite by 2:30 for pick up. "no problem" he says. Truck shows up 2 hrs late, then is a no show for delivery this morning and when I emailed, they don't respond. When I called, the guy gave me a fake # for the driver and said to call him, it wasn't his problem. He asked what my problem was to which I responded..." you were late on pick up and delivery and I just want to know where my load is!" He says..."so what's your point?" (continually for about 5 minutes). Then he tells me I am not getting my load. I advise I will report it stolen. He then says pick it up from my crossdock but refuses to tell me where the dock is.
I ended up getting the drivers # from the shippers caller id from when he called yesterday and the driver said he dropped the load in their yard last night and the city guy was to deliver it. This driver also refused to tell me the yard address where he dropped the trailer.
After speaking to other carriers about these guys, I find that they have a history of holding loads, demanding quick pay etc.
Moral of the story, beware of Roadway Transport!

Update - They ended up delivering my load after contacting the insurance co. (Their authorities are now out of AB so they can get insurance).



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Good morning, sounds like a couple of carriers I have dealt with lately. Where are they located and contact info would be great!


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Wish I had of seen this before booking this carrier! Horrible service and so rude, that's even without actually picking up my load!