Quebec Law - NSF Cheque & Fraud


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Does anyone have knowledge/experience regarding NSF cheques and applying fraud charges? Freight broker in Montreal bounced a cheque to us - large amount - we want to proceed with fraud charges thru our MTL branch. I would appreciate any experiences/knowledge on this subject - especially in regards to Quebec law.
re Montreal broker nsf cheque

We moved a load of grapes from CA for JDA Transport, MTL on 9/11 delivered 9/15...they had agreed to having a certified cheque fedexed to us b4 delivery for full amount of 7,800.US. Ck was received day after load was delivered. Uncertified!! When we attempted to certify it at their bank we were told they had closed this account a month ago. Has anyone else had any experience with JDA Transport or < Giovanni >Johnny D'Angelo or Vanessa either positive or negative recently. They have 2 phone #'s one is disconnected the other just keeps ringing. This sounds alot like the case from DRC on here.
Any suggestions would be appreciated.