G&T International


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Unreliable, Untrustworthy, and really bad service. Gave them a load from Ontario back to BC. Vino gave me fake drivers information and when I called Vino to confirm that if he was good for the load he said yes, 100%. I had other carriers call me several times for the load but trusting him I did not cancel on him. At night the load was ready to pick up and when I made several calls to Vino to check where his truck was he did not answer. Emailed G&T dispatch and no response. Texted Vino on his cell and no response. He blocked my number and ever since have not heard back from G&T. Please be really aware before giving this company freight because they will make it look like they will pick up your freight but will not show up. I have blacklisted them and have put them as DNU for future. Really bad service and have lost a customer which gave me weekly runs!!

Jim L

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We just moved some freight for this company between a dock in GTA to a dock in Montreal. Now these guys are demanding the POD and our driver is not back.

I'm a little gun-shy now and am wondering if it was double brokered and they are trying to get quickpay from the original broker. In my experience any time there is an absolute rush to get this POD in their hands means that someone else is demanding it - maybe the original broker questioning it.

If you moved freight with G&T International with final destination to a crossdock facility I Montreal can you please message me?