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    Hello All, Can we make factoring companies list here and see what they are charging. i am looking if we can get less than 2% freight factoring for everyone. most of them charge from 3% to 5%. Lets fill this and then see what we can do for benefits of group members...
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    So you have a deadbeat customer...now what?

    In my experience, companies that don't pay their bills in a timely manner tend to fall into two categories: the type that are honest but find themselves on the short end of the stick due to some other event (big customers go bankrupt, huge unexpected expense, partner/shareholder dispute, etc.)...
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    Factoring basics

    I know lots of people have negative experience with factoring and that there are lots of misconceptions about it, so I'd like to address some FAQs I've seen in this forum. Full disclosure - I am in the factoring business: what is factoring? Its the sale of your invoices to another company (the...