wise up

Mar 7, 2008
When are we as carriers going to wise up and quit pulling Landstar loads for Traffic Tech and G Roch If we did not move them Landstar would have to do their job and broker it themselves EG Windsor Mississauga Petawawa $3450 CDN Wonder what Landstar was really paying
Jul 27, 2009
Otterburne, MB
We have a little different take on this one...

We have known for 2 years that Traffic Tech was Re-brokering or Co-brokering (call it what you want) Landstar loads...

Everytime we get a call from T.T., we just add 20% to our rate. Needless to say we do not haul a lot for them but when we do, we make up for the ones they screwed us on.

Plus the fact that if they give us what we asked, it really warms the cawkles of my heart that they would either have to take a cut in their take or go back to landstar and say we need more.

Either way, we really don't care about those 2 companies as they are not good for anyone but themselves.:D

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