Places That are open for Food


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Kingston - Petro Pass in Kingston Ontario is open for business. The A&W is serving up hot food and the confectionery has lots of snacks like chocolate bars chips and drinks. The amazing management team here sure takes care of you as it's a very clean and professionally run establishment with clean washrooms and showers.

Port Hope - Schnitzel Shack
Good morning everyone ! We have been hearing lots of news regarding our hardworking truckers are having a hard time finding places to get food in their journey to give us all the things we need right now like toilet paper and sanitizers, but if they are not eating and staying healthy we are at more risk then ever by not getting the supplies we need, we want to reach out to all that know a truck driver or drivers and let them know we will deliver to the Toronto Rd car pool parking lot and HWY 28 truck stop so that they can get a meal and continue working and staying healthy !! Please to all that follow us if you know of any drivers please pass this along !!!
Please to note we can only take CASH at this time for that form of delivery
Call us at 905-885-5551