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Got the same one, it sounds like a rebranding. Call Gabe and if he's still there, all should be ok.

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Dear customer:

We are happy to announce that effective February 16, 2020 we are re-branding our local division as Milyard Transport. Milyard Transport is a division of Milyard Group Inc.

Same team, New look.
Our team of dispatchers and drivers is remaining the same. Elo, Ala and Ernest will continue to dispatch our Ontario and Quebec operations.

There have been a lot of rumors circulating around about the move. Why the move? As the transportation industry changes we are always striving to offer new services to you, our customers. With a name like Mr.Flatbeds we are limited to Flatbeds. The name change will allow us to offer a wide array of new services. In the coming months we will be offering warehousing and distribution as well as well as specialized flatbed cross dock services.

Our US operation is remaining unchanged. Mr.Flatbeds Transport US team is still there are ready to assist with any US bound shipment.

If you’re scheduling a shipment on or past February 16-2020 please send us an email to our new address

Our new phone number is 416-261-5757.

A new carrier package and insurance certificates will be coming shortly. In the meanwhile, please set us up in your system using the following information.

Milyard Group Inc.

90 Robert Berry Cres,

King City, ON


If you have any questions regarding the new name, please email

We look forward to continuing our work together.

Ron Mil


T. 416-261-5757


Igor Galanter

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Asked to post..

Hello Everyone

Mr Flatbeds Transport is still Strong.. US division and City Division is just separating.. We have our City Drivers paying the same Insurance Rates as our US Trucks.. So City Division is operating under another Name..

The phones and emails are being Forwarded to the New Corp after the separation.. Employees are going to be the same.. Only thing that is changing, is the Name of the New City Divison and Insurance Company.
Gabe G