Lodestar Freight Solutions - Mississauga


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Anyone have payment info on Lodestar Freight 12 Front St in Mississauga?

According to D&B looks like closer to a 60+ day payer.

No broker MC # and no bond.

Looks like maybe working out of a house (hoppefully not a boat !! LOL!!) in Port Credit according to Google Earth.

Some flags going up here...
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Haven't done anything with them for a couple of months but they have always paid in the 30-45 day range. Ken is a good guy and been around.


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Last June and the took 74 days to pay, looks like that is their typical payment terms and we use them as a last resort if we are stuck someplace.


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We accepted the load from them on only 1 term: cheque should be received within 30 days. Deborah Dunne Customer Care Manager & Accounting at Lodestar Freight Solutions Inc. emailed us and assured that it will be processed and sent within 30 days and that this promise is approved by their COO.

30 days later NO cheque... we called, we emailed ... respond was "it will be processed by the end this week" next week was same respond....
payment was received 65 days late

They make promises that they can't keep!


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Anyone have an update on payment trend from these people, I have 1 invoice outstanding for 60 days and seem to be giving excuses. Told cheq being mailed by end of day today, then at 4:59 pm they needed updated insurance, which they already had when we did the load.


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We did 1 shipment last year...

Before we accepted the load, Accounting department promised us that we will be paid within 30 days.

Of cause it was a lie ...
we called every morning (after 30 days) to get the cheque

51 days later we got the cheque


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1 shipment ...took 65 days to get paid...every week we were told cheque has been mailed when we started following up on the payment after 40 days. First and last shipment with them. DNU!!!


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We have done 2 shipments for Lodestar and both have not been paid. If you are any load for them right now please do not deliver it because you will not get paid. Hold the load and ask for payment first! We did one load in January and one load in February.


took a few loads from them, nothing since 2016, average days to pay 79 provided you
make numerous calls/emails