Kris Almida


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Good day

If someone called Kris Almida calls from JS Trucklines - he is not legit.
JS Trucklines is, but there's no Kris Almida.

He's using JS Trucklines papers. Just got confirmation so most likely my load was stolen.

Just didn't want anybody else to get screwed.



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Yup - totally gone.
We had the same person use a slightly different name (Kris Daupt) and the same authorities (JS Trucklines), we were lucky enough to foil his attempt. Our load was intercepted and delivered to our customer with out major incident.
All information has been reported to Peel Regional Police, Load link etc.
We as an industry need to help each other in these case's, thanks so much misto27 for posting. This help us in our situation.