Class action? Threat to sue? This grinds my grills

Paul Shteyn

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Reminder each member is responsible for their own post. If you want to sue me personally go ahead not the first and I'm sure not the last time. Please read disclaimer

Mr. Paul Shteyn,

I understand you are the owner of a website called inside transport, although I am hearing conflicting stories.
There are a number of false comments being made about my company, Wolf Run Logistics.
I am advised that I should contact you and request that you remove all of these false comments.
I would ask that you remove these comments and confirm with me within 2 days if possible please.
I am in discussions with other people regarding your website. My sole concern at this time is the false comments made about my company.
Although I will not be joining a class action type claim against your site, I will be issuing a small claims action at the end of the week.
Again, my concern is that I would like these comments removed immediately.

Thank you for your time,

Paul Shteyn

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Mr. Shteyn,

From what I understand you have a fair amount of litigation against you currently. But you most certainly are responsible for comments being placed on your site that are false.
Let me start with these particular comments, then we can move forward if you remove them.

Bater-posted Dec 17th "Charles from Millcrofts newest scheme".
There is no Charles here, nor has there ever been. We don't scam people, however just like you Paul, we expect our contract terms to be followed.

Bater-posted Dec 17th "Wolf Run..Watch out.. Scammers..!"
Bater is an upset client who was sued last Friday, as we obtained a significant amount of information against him.

While you control this site Paul, you are certainly personally responsible for these types of comments. As are the persons making the comments.
I recently received a list of approximately 100 names and aliases to which was shared with me.
While I believe that you will not be assisting me with removing all comments about Wolf Run, it is your responsibility to ensure that you maintain the IP addresses of these individuals. They will be requested from you at the time you are in court, unless you want to provide these IP addresses now?
Free site or paid site, it does not matter, all slander and false comments are illegal and only the persons making the comments and the site admin (you) can delete or make sure legalities are followed.
These comments are damaging to our company and are causing lasting negative effects.
I could easily post negative and false comments about the many different entities you are involved with on your site and other sites that you do not control, however I choose not to act in this manner.
Your assistance is appreciated.

Thank you



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That's it! I'm convinced! Paul look for some papers IMMEDIATELY!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH...what a bunch of crap!

Paul Shteyn

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I don't understand your email, but it sounds like you are unwilling to remove false comments from your site.
If you are suggesting your businesses do not have litigation against them, you may want to check again.
Based on your email it does not sound like you are willing to assist.



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This guy/gal must be receiving their legal advice from a TV show. Funny how companies that screw up, cheat, whatever, always go to great lengths to cover up, hide or excuse their bad behaviour. It is unfortunate that they don't put as much time and energy into making themselves a better company.


The only people who complain about their treatment are usually those who deserve it and are not willing to fix their issues. I've seen comments on here about slow paying etc and someone from the company stands up and fixes the issue and moves on and gets better, you don't see them complaining and threatening to sue. And well said your bills and act like a professional company and nothing to worry about.


Load Link better get ready for a lawsuit too! Anyone see the pop up about Wolf Run?
I have. Just because a company is not on load link does not mean much, I deal with a handful that choose not to use the link. However, it's crazy how someone can threaten to sue you over words. If it's that big of an issue work on your company to have more of a positive image and this won't arise. A companies image can always turn around with hard work or lack thereof IMO. You choose

Michael Ludwig

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In my limited understanding of the law, it appears buddy just torpedoed his own case by stating ...
"I could easily post negative and false comments about the many different entities you are involved with on your site and other sites that you do not control, however I choose not to act in this manner."
The fact that the subject chooses not to is immaterial. The threat in the first part of the sentence is enough.
Liken it to a James Bond movie where the villain explains his entire plot to Bond, then Bond escapes, when the proper response was akin to Eli Wallach's statement in The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, "If you're going to shoot, shoot. Don't talk about it.".
I would just have them refer to Arkell vs Pressdram.
(Google it ... it's hilarious.)

Paul Shteyn

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Beside the company name Wolf Run who is the person (president. director, etc) attached to the lawsuit.


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When you say you were 'served'. Are they actual court documents or just a letter from a paralegal asking you to please be a good boy?

I also had a visit from WGF who will not give you a business card or any other means to identify himself when he slithers into your office. When I told him to never contact me again and only to correspond through my lawyer (and I gave him her full contact name), he seems to have crawled back under the rock from which he came.

Sketchy would be a kind word to use. I hope my phone rings tomorrow, I'm kind of looking forward to it!!

My 3 cents,