Carrier Setup - Amazon Deliveries


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Morning Members,

Looking for some guidance/assistance with Amazon. Carrier setup - has anyone gone thru this tedious process to get setup in Amazon's carrier portal so you can book deliveries?

We've got freight we need to book appointments for and no luck getting our account setup to do so. Correspondence with Amazon is via email - you can't get any assistance. We've got a login now which goes nowhere and has no "booking tools" to use.

Am I missing something here? Anyone have any tips/tricks or a contact we can get a hold of to get us thru this setup process. Any posts would be greatly appreciated. Like REALLY appreciated.

Thanks Folks


If you took the shipment directly from Vendor ( I believe no because if you took it in then you would have a proper login info to book an appointment) if there is a broker in btw then only he/she can book an appointment. One should need lots of detail of the vendor in order to book over the phone/ but that's hard.


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Ok so carrier does have to register so whoever registered us is no longer here so no one knows how it was done sorry. Important piece of info is you have to quote the shippers reference number on the ASN, with us it is not the PO# it is our BOL # that is important. I'm sure you have to put the PO# in someplace but they will fine (of course) if the reference # is not used. Best of luck.