Beetle’s Trucking Company Inc.


Agreed on one rate, after he was loaded, he tried to get the rate up by $700.00
I confirmed with him the rate twice on Friday, on Monday morning I had to confirm the rate 3 times,
I also send him a confirmation on Monday, on Tuesday morning he was loaded, shipper helped him to secure the load, then he calls me and said he can’t do the load for the rate, and that he needs more money to do this load. Very dirty player,
He went inside and spoke with the customer (not sure what he tried to arrange there), and they decided to unload him.
He is on my DO NOT USE LIST

Beetle’s Trucking Company Inc.
614 Kincora Bay N.W.
Calgary Alberta T3R 0B1
Owner/Driver: Wam Wamboah


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Funny I just gave him a wide load 3 weeks ago from Calgary to Toronto. Had no problem. Good communication and on time.