Adding driver from Dubai to Northbridge Policy


I have difficulty adding a driver who came from Dubai this year. He has his heavy vehicle operating license in Dubai from 2014. I submitted to insurance an attested letter from his employer from Dubai that states he worked for 3-4 years with that company. I also forward them his driving history from Dubai Transportation website that shows he has license since 2014 and 0 black points. But adjuster seems to be very picky and insisting she needs claim experience from Dubai insurance company. I spoke to the driver and he said there is no such thing as claim experience letter in Dubai for a person as in Dubai they insured the vehicle and not driver.

I have 3 more drivers on my fleet from Dubai from last year . I dont know why this adjuster is being so hard on us. Any recommendation. Is there any such thing as claim experience letter in Dubai or no??


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I'm pretty sure its a result of insurance companies tightening their exposure to drivers without verifiable cross border driving experience. If the rumblings I'm hearing in the insurance world are any indication, companies who rely on recent arrivals for the majority of their labour will be facing overall premium increases in the 50-75 percent range, if they renew at all, given the statistically disproportionate frequency and severity of claims from drivers with little to no North American driving experience and the recent amount of less than favourable public exposure that recent accidents have brought.

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@thebluffs1 ... I've heard the same rumour, and I think there is some validity to that as well as to companies that are owned/operated by recent arrivals. Trucking in the third world is far different than trucking in North America and Europe. They seem to have a GAFF of less than zero.


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Insurers will not consider experience outside of North America as relevant experience. All insurers have suffered massive losses and their data points to new drivers who aren’t properly trained and experienced. Your going to see a tightening of requirements by the insurer and “approvals” for some smaller fleets who may not have had to experience it in years prior.