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Just need some advice here driver got a speeding ticket in OH. he was going over 16 MPH in a Construction zone so it's a very serious charge. I did call around few lawyers in OH but they are not very familiar with the procedure of how this moving violation will be reported back to the Ontario CDL record.

I called PUCO and they said it will just be the ticket to the driver but my question is why does his inspection sheet show Citation# 211106? is there going to be a fine related to this? and how does it affect us as a carrier. I search the Vio code 392.2-SLLS4 and the Violation Severity Weight of this is 1.

We currently have no tickets on record so what we should do.




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The citation number is the citation your driver received. The cost is on the chart located on the rear of the citation or on the second page. The violation will show up on your SMS score, and trust me it carries a heavy point rating. Ensure you complete the inspection by signing it and returning it as required in the time limit specified.
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Your driver really screwed up and I mean really really screwed up. The ticket is the least of your problem- good luck with your insurance renewal when they see that your vehicle was not utilizing a governor. That entry will stick out like a big red flag when your insurance comes up.