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We tried collection from the consignee and were ignored.

Any suggestions how to get our money?
Jamie (Nackawic Transport) has also ignored a law firm's letters and the consignee has ignored our request for payment. This $2,300 invoice is from August 2009 and it's so frustrating.
Should we try a collection agency? We were prepared to pay a substantial percentage to the one firm and that went nowhere.
Is anyone on this site experienced in collecting monies as we would be more than happy to pay a percentage rather than writing the whole thing off. one out there should be thinking of dealing with Nackwic Transport unless you have money to write off.
I sure wish I knew someone there that could physically go in to wait to collect what they owe us.
Any help is appreciated!!!


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Contact SCAM CHASER via private post. I am sure he can offer you a solution or at least some advice on how to proceed. He has been a great asset to this forum and personally has assisted our firm on a professional basis.