JK Hunt


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At first glance, their website seems quite professional. Further reading of its various sections however, reveals a serious lack of understanding of the English language. On its own, that isn’t the end of the world but because no one bothered to proof read it before putting it on the internet for everyone to see, might be worrisome.


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Also there are three companies with hat name registered in different provinces
3247971 2423865 ONTARIO INC JK HUNT TRUCKLINES Milton, ON 19 units
3398579 JK HUNT TRUCKLINES INC Charlottetown PE 4 units
3523414 JK HUNT CARRIERS INC Saskatoon, SK 1 unit


Looking back, JK Hunt did 50 loads for us from Jan 2020 until now (on 1 load).
from the clients I see them assigned to, it's all low value / lots of time to deliver type loads.
We use them, but are still careful about what we use them for (mostly paper).


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Hi all,

I deleted my comment. I did put them on a last min Victoria Day load this am. This is their first load with us today. Today you get what you pay for. big fleets can only be so responsive on tracking updates- especially on long weekends

I do give them props- my customer screwed up p/u location and dispatch was very understanding .

Overall I will use again


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I put them on another load last week pickup Friday dlvry Monday in Al . On time and on their own trucks once again.

Will keep using until issue arise