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Why is there such a big difference between Canadian cross-border rates and PA Local?
Talking to operators in America; this the time to make the hay as they're getting rates of 10$/mile local.


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supply and demand

Paid 3.07 USD OH to OR TDG load yesterday and was lucky to get that truck


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domestic only usa drivers are a dying breed. West coast reefers from usa only go north or south. East cost usa guys only go to cali or texas. None of these guys haul anything except fruit or flowers.

domestic usa otr ftl is a vacuum for 1$ rpm brokers , either shippers use the rails or get rake over by brokers. especially in Midwest.

outbound from Canada is also 1-1.50$ rpm im sorry im gonna take heat on this but its true. Inbound to Canada is from anywhere (except for ny/nj/pa) is 2.70-7cad$ rpm

sometimes I cant find domestic usa trucks in California to come back to the east cost ! even for 12k usd paid 3 days after delivery.


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Easier to re-plate trucks in Detroit; hire US drivers and forget about Canada.
Just look at all those Brampton flat bed companies that have have Ohio or Michigan plates right besides the Ontario ones . Keep an eye out in the Niagara region