double brokered load


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Because most of the time carrier assignment is automated, the name of the carrier under 'Carrier' is always the party that the shipper contracted with. That's part of the audit process when bills get paid.

It doesn't matter if the contracted carrier is the actual carrier, broker assigning a carrier, or carrier assigning to a partner (brokering in a different sense). It's not the shipper's responsibility.

Transbrkr, it's up to you to know who you're dealing with, and part of being a broker is assuming this risk. If due diligence is done, you should almost never get stung (I never say never though).

It's part of the reason I look at this forum, actually ...



I am not aware of the situation in other provinces, but here in Quebec the carrier can get a fine if the carriers name as well as their NIR number are not indicated on a bill of lading.
Hence most carriers have little stickers similar to a PARS sticker that are superimposed on all bills of lading, these do not have to be numbered.

Due diligence as mentioned earlier is the word. We face a similar situation when a freight broker double brokers some other parties load and then never pays the actual carrier.