Cargo Claims - BAM !!!

Michael Ludwig

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if a shipper requests a no charge return
Do you often work for free? If so, I have a lot of freight to send your way.
The return of damaged goods has absolutely nothing to do with the outbound load, or the damage claim. Whether you decide to return them for free is of course your choice, but everything you have mentioned is a separate transaction. It would be advisable to not muddy the waters by trying to combine them.

The fact that this question was even posted goes right to the very point @loaders and I were discussing ... namely the number of people, brokers, carriers, shippers, and receivers, that do not know how to handle a damage claim, let alone even begin to process one.


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One thing to keep in mind when processing a US freight claim, is the shipper, or owner of the goods who suffered the loss as stipulated in the Terms of Sale, must be made “whole” again. In other words, any charges that are a direct result of the damaged goods become part of the claim. Those charges could, but not necessarily include the following: removing/returning the damaged goods, replacing/repairing the damaged goods, providing transport for the repaired/replacement goods, or the destruction of damaged goods. Every freight claim is different and pre negotiated terms between the US carrier and the shipper can limit the “replacement value” portion of the Carmack Amendment.