B. O. Carriers and Reliance Carriers

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Anyone hear of either of these 2 companies.

1 B.O. Carriers in Mississauga, ON

2 Reliance Carriers also out of Mississauga, ON

Good or bad any help would be appreciated.


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we have dealt with both, very good companies in my books, good communication from both and fair rates as well as service. Have used both about two years.
I know both of these companies extremely well.

The owner of reliance used to work or part own BO Carriers about 2 yrs ago. She left and went on her own and started reliance.

I haven't worked with B.O. Since that point.

Reliance is phenomenal to deal with and would highly recommend to anyone looking for fast, competitive pricing to western canada.


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The service received from both of these providers is comparable and quite good.

I've taken the time to visit Sonia (Reliance) at her office, she is as friendly in person as on the phone.

You'll do just fine if you are booking with either of these 2 companies.

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Just booked a load with them and they dropped it on us last minute. Not sure where all these good experiences are coming from. Yes Sonia is very nice to deal with on the phone, but letting our customers down last minute on a first load doesn't fly with us...


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B.O. seem to be the most experienced with the Walmart/ Loblaws off loading and know people to help out at the dist. warehouses to get faster off loading and Appointments