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They don't have any trucks. They simply double broker all our loads and then f--k as many carriers as they can get a away with. Ashley the dispatcher was Amy....Ashley is her real name. It's too bad many of us have been screwed , run around. Seems no one wants to do nothing about it I guess. However, I do.. !!!!!!


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Stay away, same as MVR or DK or Continental...they all double broke....we caught them by speaking at a driver directly...


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It'd be appreciated if those who have additional details or info on them could PM me or send me a chat message as i'm currently looking into them/related entities. Thanks.


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There are a group of criminals that abuse the way transportation transactions are handled between carriers and brokers. After you have read through the threads, do searches on the other company names and individuals that you read about. It'll lead you to the other threads, they have been at it a long time and are very good (unfortunately) at what they do.

A top priority of the membership of colleagues on insidetransport is to protect each other from these exact people until Karma puts them all where they deserve to be.

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