What constitutes "double brokerage"?

Igor Galanter

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If a carrier has a year contract for a broker to move freight
The pricing of freight drops way low so then the carrier would make more money giving to other carrier and not move their own assests
Is this double brokering?

Look around people carriers are doing it daily
Low rates= more money...
Stop smoking that cheap stuff, wesward....))


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If I found out that the carrier I had selected and entered into a contract with was re-selling my freight as opposed to hauling it himself, there would be hell to pay. Any contract between a broker and a carrier would (or should) have a clause prohibiting re-selling the freight.


Everyone needs to read the broker tender and follow it
but must have in writing is re- brokering is allowed on certain instances


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If I hire a carrier to service one of my customers, I expect them to make a profit hauling that freight. I don’t expect them to make a profit re-selling it. If a situation arises where they are unable to haul it themselves, and they have a line on another carrier who can do it, they should put that carrier in touch with me so we can complete the transaction. There should be no financial reward simply because they were unable to do what they said they would do. Honesty, transparency, and full disclosure is the only way to maintain a profitable business relationship.


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I cannot believe this is going on this long. Sheesh if you do not know what double brokering is should you really be in the industry but alas I still get calls for tri axle loads to southern states and when I tell them it is not allowed I still hear I do it all the time. Really tri axle dryvans to southern US you do all the time huh. With who and how is my question..