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Welcome all new members, please read our Disclaimer and post honest informations.

Thanks for taking your Time to visit us, more updates to come.



Great site

:cool:In the short time i have been a member of this site i have learned ALOT. This was a fantastic idea.

Thanks to who ever is responsible for making this possible.


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Priceless Info!

A wonderful broker / mentor sent me in this direction and I am ever so grateful. My last employer did not appreciate what they were blowing off when they refused to rate for him...WOW. I have learned a lot from this man and can hardly wait for his permission to list his company as a GREAT broker!

Thank you to the moderators for putting this site together. :)


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Hi all,
I have been a lurker for a while now but thought I would say a big "Thank you" to the person/people for creating this forum.
As a carrier, it is nice to be able to get a heads up on some potentially difficult situations and this forum is a great resource.

Many thanks,


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Great site

Thanks for the great site

Rob Gavin
Gavin Transportation Systems Ltd


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Have been looking over the site for the last few days now and am staring to see that "INSIDE TRANSPORT" can be a very helpful and imformative. I am looking forward to developing new relationships from joining" INSIDE TRANSPORT"

Space Cowboy

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Too late for me now.........

OK, I'm still lurking as the answer I seek is probably in another thread already posted. How long has this board been here?

Sure could have used something like this BEFORE getting mixed up with that Kennedy Transportation Network outfit[on Britannia road] and their fly-by-night load brokers that left me destitute, way back in '01!

Now almost broke and looking for work I really don't want to be an owner-operator again. Just a job to survive on until the reaper calls.:(


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Agreed... this is an interesting site with a wealth of information and gossip. I love it!


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Amazing site! Wish i would have had it as an asset years ago. In addition to using Dunn & Bradstreet, i now enter every carrier/potential customer/freight broker's name into the search parameters before giving or taking any work.
Keep up the great work, anyone can feel free to message me if they need info on Quebec carriers, i know a lot and am more than willing to share. No one deserves to get taken in this industry, lets help keep the scammers and deadbeats out of our industry!


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Well all , I have only been here a week or so but have read and learned a whole lot thanks for all the head-ups