Wait times/ Layovers


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I never use the word free. No one would belive me if I did.

For cross border, 2 hours included in the base rate for TL, 1 hour for LTL
For local, 1 hour included in the base rate for TL, 30 minutes for LTL

If it's an order Bourassa is handling, there will be WT no matter how fast the shipper moves so ensure you build that into your base rate. :)

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And really I think those times are WAY too long...2 hours included that turns into an extra hour and then some, if there is a delay. End of the day that could be an extra +/- 150 miles the driver is closer to the destination. That is time that the driver never gets back. Add on a few extra delays through out the week and that could be the difference between getting a reload back home on Friday or having to lay over the weekend until the next load is available. I get it things happen, but far too often these waiting times are pushed and pushed and the both the person paying and the person receiving the added funds nickles and dimes the other.

Both shippers and receivers are at the extremes though one can unload in no time, while the other has a break then lunch and probably a shift change just for the hell of it, where there is time lost between shifts too.

There is very little reason (in most cases) why a shipper can't load an empty van trailer inside of an hour.



Got to love when your truck gets loaded and moving down the highway that your broker gives you an off load appointment 4 days after you will arrive at receiver. So now all you do is sit and wait for next 4 days. Not cool