TSA approved


I know a broker in Mississauga that did a lot of airfreight prior to the era of TSA regulations - He basically had to give up that portion of his business unless he set up a US operation or entered into a legal partnership with an existing broker/carrier that was set up with the TSA
Googled the TSA - Transport Security Administration

TSA: Mission, Vision, and Core Values

As far as I can see, this is another agency to regulate and cost trucking companies more and more. We already pay enough and security at the border is tight enough.

We already have a half dozen security organizations that we have to belong to and I say, enough is enough, damn it...

Ok, enough ranting and take your little heart pills....

Better now...


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Thanks Manitoba... breathe :) I know what you're saying... FAST,PIP,C-TPAT.. there's hardly room on the letterhead for the company name