Truck Insurance Reprieve due to shut down??


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Since the government has implemented a minimum 2 week shut down and many of us have trucks parked. Has anyone asked their insurer for a discount for these 2 weeks or maybe our government could pick-up the tab. Just a thought as truckers do we take it on the chin as team Canada. It would seem generous for the insurance industry to share the burden.


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Unless the majority of your customers are classified as non essential businesses and therefore you have no loads to move, why would you have trucks parked?

Jim L

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If you're policy supports it, and you negotiated it at renewal, you can de-plate your tractors. At the end of the period use the OPCF-21B to recoup some monies due to a smaller fleet size.
Of course, if you added (x) trucks and are now going to de-plate the same number of trucks you will see no adjustment in your favour but you will also not have to pay at the end of the term. .


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I was talking to our Captive yesterday and they did say they are working on companies to give them a deal on parked trucks not sure how it will work but basically you would probably be insuring them for fire and theft only. I did not know they will do that luckily not an issue for us our guys are running hard. Good luck hope you get it and also a great example if you don't ask you don't get.


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Sorry to take so long for a reply here guys.
almost all insurers are stepping up to allow carriers to park trucks if that’s what you’re doing. They are all saying it’s on a “case by case” basis. Be prepared to tell your broker that you will physically remove the plates. Insurers like that.
call you broker if you’re stuck without ability to move freight.