Trailer theft just reported


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I just heard through a associate of mine that a company is stealing carrier packages and using as their own but using different phone #s. Beware and word of advice, call the number on the carrier package to ensure it is the same company you have given the load to before sending over the confirmation.


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Any names to go along with this description? Like who's packets have been used?


This situation is fluid in the sense that the people doing this are using different carrier names everyday.

Here are a few things that we have implemented to assist in making sure it doesn't happen to us, we have 2 attempts so far. I hope the below helps everyone in the industry, as we need to work together to avoid these issues from happening. These situations are leaving a lasting bad mark on our industry.

  • Ask carrier how they found out about our load, ensure this matches the load board your load is posted on
  • Request carrier package including;
    All operating authorities (MC #, DOT if US Carrier. Provincial operating authority if Canadian carrier only)
    Certificate of Insurance (generic “To whom it may concern”)
    W8 (Canadian Carriers) or W9 (US Carriers)
    Internal Company contacts & trade references
  • Request a COI directly from the carriers insurance broker, cc carrier if by email.
  • Cross reference all of the carrier details from what you have received to the info provided in the member search on Loadlink/DAT360 or Truckstop
    If the telephone # does not match, call the telephone that is on Loadlink/DAT360 or Truckstop to verify the person you are dealing with works for the company and they are booking a load with you.
    If the email address does not match this should raise your suspicions, be extra cautious of domains ie. @gmail, @yahoo, @hotmail etc.
    If for any reason you feel that the company you are setting up does not line up, or any company does not pass all of the above tests please bring the file to me to be approved prior to ever dispatching the load.