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If anyone was participating in todays webinar on ACI and was wondering if there was any advantage to CSA, think again. Get CSA certified and make sure your drivers can be FAST approved and the border will be practically invisible when ACI comes into effect when coming back into Canada. In fact, this may be the industry's biggest opportunity to rid ourselves of scrub carriers that can start up in the next hour and eliminate the troublemakers (if they are not ACI-compliant, there are fines once it goes into effect, after the grace period for implementation.)

On a side note, I like how they said that a customs stamp, once ACI is into full effect, will just mean your driver reported to the primary inspection line and will not mean proof of release into Canada. It will be interesting to see how the CBSA's vision of paper-free commerce will go and who will remain after the fines and penalties start to accumulate.:rolleyes:


I doubt it will rid us of any carriers. I do not see it being any different than ACE. We all thought that would rid us of the bad actors in the industry.Common thought was that it would also stop a lot of the US carries from crossing the border,that sure didn't happen.

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I agree, in fact it has made it easier for the US carriers to come to Canada. Now all they have to do is fax the document to one number and wait for their confirmation to cross the border.

Before they would need a book of numbers for each possible broker or sit at the border for hrs on end.

Now one number does it all :(