Tanker Endorsement Requirements


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Can anyone shed some light on the FMCSA requirements as of July 8,2014 that states on multiple matters for carrier to have licencing for liquids in totes, drums or containers over certain weight's regardless if Haz Mat or not going on Flats, Van's etc. My customer recently put forth that all future carriers coming in for pickup ( US going too Canada ) MUST have CDL with Tanker Endorsement licensing (taken some type of coarse) . In speaking with a number of carriers large and small none have have any knowledge of this.

Thanking all in advance.


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I do not think it applies to Canadian Carriers yet. I could be wrong. As long as the paperwork states that the load is delivering to a Canadian destination, tanker endorsed is not required.
That being said, if you use a US carrier he will be required to have it.


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Canadian carriers are exempt as the Provinces do not have such an endorsement. In the U.S. they are required to have a N endorsement on their commercial drivers license.


So any Canadian carrier is exempt? or do Canadian carriers need to have hazmat licensing to be exempt?