State of the Union 2020-21


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Hi again - sorry this has taken so long, most of my energy is now spent battling it out with insurers... As all of you likely know, our industry is in a dismal state - I'm going to give you a summary of my findings. if you are being offered a renewal by your current insurer (in particular Old Republic), take it and run! We have seen business being 'bought' by other insurers over the past 12 - 18 months and come renewals we seen premiums jacked up. Loyalty is starting to mean something in this industry again - so be weary of getting the 'best deal' only to find it it's going to put you further behind the following year.

Aviva – They are ramping up their space in trucking by hiring top talent from Northbridge & GCNA. I believe they are going to try and capitalize on the market downturn by hand picking 'best in class operations'. Beware though, Aviva has done this before and in a couple of years you could find yourself back on the streets. Aviva was the only trucking insurer to post positive results this last year (gross premium vs. total losses).

  • 5 Years in Business
  • CVOR under 35% (not conditional either)
  • Good Loss Ratio
  • Over 20 Power Units
  • Bit of a 'sleeper' market. But if you run a solid & compliant shop - ask your broker to approach them.
AIG – They have been less aggressive this year and again, picking their client base very carefully. We have seen some large increases as they try to fix their book with the current client base in order to make it profitable. They still retain top talent from an underwriting & claims experience.

  • 5 Years in Business
  • 30+ trucks
  • Unlimited US Exposure
  • Acceptable SMS/CVOR (not “Conditional”)
  • Currently an “Active” market
Blue Sky – This MGA is in correction mode as well. They are giving renewals extremely late due to a lot of things happening in the background and I've heard from a couple of companies who are getting pricing after the renewal!

We have heard there are some increases being given, in the neighbourhood of 30 - 40%. Having said that, they continue to retain accounts due to the extreme under-pricing of their product initially.

  • Currently a “Passive” market
Co-Operators – Co-Operators continues to write business but on a more selective basis. If you get told 'No' by a Co-Op agent, my recommendation is to call another one and keep trying until you have someone on the phone who is willing to provide a quote.

They are only doing local cartage & dump operations - no cross border. The market for dump trucks is virtually NIL. If you like flipping the coin to see whether or not you get a renewal each year then try these guys.

  • Currently an “Passive” market
CHUBB – If you are a fleet that can afford a $100,000 - $250,000 deductible this is the market for you. Their minimum requirement is at least 100 units, but realistically… if you can afford a deductible that large, you should have ownership in a captive not ‘renting’ insurance annually. Chances are if you are running a company like this you’re not scouring this forum for advice on insurance so screw you…..

Nothing has changed with Chubb, they remain a top choice for large national fleets.

Echelon – Recently Echelon had almost cleared out the underwriting dept at Intact Insurance. They took 3 underwriters who had all been there for 5 - 10 + years. Looks like they are ramping up to write a lot of trucking business this year. Unfortunately, they have teamed up with some unsavory brokers who will lie/steal & cheat in order to write business. From an ethical standpoint, I will not do business with this operation... but to each their own.

  • Currently an “Active” market
Economical – Still hot on the heels of them dumping almost their entire book of business and really fucking up the industry, Economical is selectively looking at trucking risks and when the operation fits into their box, they can be pretty aggressive. If you just crossing into the US bordering States then these guys could be the choice for you this year. Just don't be surprised if they turn around and dump their book of business again.

  • Currently an "active" market
  • No more than 30% US Exposure

Facility Association - The Largest Commercial Trucking Insurance writer of 2019. We have seen many well run operations end up here due to insurers flipping on insureds and no other insurer stepping up to help out. There are some unsavory brokers out there who again, lie/steal/cheat in order to secure business for their clients. These brokers are rating vehicles as 'local' operations and will rate 1 - 2 units for cross border to get the US Filings. If you have a COI with "Novex" or "Royal Sun & Alliance" and any broker in the Mississauga/Brampton area - I would second guess using them as likely the insurance isn't going to pay out. This has been such an issue that some top brokers/insurers in transportation have met with stakeholders across the province in order to re-underwrite & come down on those who are taking advantage of the system.

If you're a trucking company with Facility you should be seeing rates like;

Local Radius - $20,000 - $30,000/truck

Canada Wide - $40,000 - $60,000/truck

US Exposure (20%) - $60,000 - $80,000/truck

US Exposure (50+%) - $80,000 - $100,000/truck

If you are with Facility and paying substantially less than this, you are likely being rated incorrectly by the broker. Good luck with any claims.

The Guarantee (GCNA) – Recently SOLD TO INTACT INSURANCE.. Nobody at this point knows what's going on. Any new submissions are being redirected to Intact Insurance and GCNA will only get them if/when Intact declines (so they tell us). These guys are pretty much closed for business. An underwriter left GCNA to go to Aviva (see above). Likely alot of operations will hit the streets once Intact's rating system comes into play and again, will cause a lot of upset in the industry.

  • 5 years in business, 20 – 50 trucks (they will write as low as 15)
  • Currently an “Passive” market
Intact - Not much has changed with Intact, aside them purchasing GCNA. Their rates have gone up on average 20 - 35% for their current client base. If you're a single truck crossing border you're looking at a price of $28,000 - $35,000.

  • 1 – 100+ trucks
  • Business for at least 3 years
  • No US limits
  • Currently an “Active” market
Lynx – Haven't heard much from Lynx, aside them cleaning up their book and asking for large rate increases like everyone else. They are only writing in the 1 - 9 space currently and the operation needs to consist primarily of company power (they don't like O/O).

  • 1-9 trucks
  • Unlimited US exposure
  • Currently a “passive” market
Northbridge – These guys are steadily writing business, they were once considered as a 'premium' market from the price standpoint and now they are becoming much more in line with the rest of the market.

  • Currently an “Active” market

Old Republic – If there is one market whose been consistant to their underwriting approach it’s Old Republic. If you are currently with this market, stay where you are. They are approaching each account on its own merits when it comes to your renewal. They avg. 7 – 12% increase this year. Old Republic primarily writes trucking insurance in Canada so it is very likely that they will ever exit this space.

Recently Old Republic has taken a stronger stance on non-renewing under performing accounts. Know the score – check your loss ratio with your broker for 3 – 5 years so you understand whether you’re heading to Facility this year because of crash frequency/severity.

  • Currently an “Active” Market
Royal Sun & Alliance – in 2017-19 RSA entered into the trucking market for local operations and in 2019 has virtually shut down writing any operation with heavy vehicles. This market is closed for business.

  • Currently a “passive” market
Sovereign General – We haven’t heard much about Sovereign General over the past couple of years. They have gotten off risk on many unprofitable accounts, as all insurers have. They are not actively writing business and appear to be going through a difficult time when it comes to renewals as well.

  • Currently a “Passive” market
Travelers – Since my last writing, Travelers has shut down business for writing any trucking operations.

  • Currently a “passive” market

Wawanesa – They have actually ramped up their staff of underwriters and loss prevention personnel. We might see Wawanesa grow their book of business for those who run local operations and dump operations.

  • Currently an “Active” market
  • 160 KM radius (max).
  • No US Exposure
  • Will Write Dump Truck Operations
Zurich – Since my last writing nothing yet has emerged from Zurich.