Good Day, has anyone ever been involved in the purchase of satellite equipment for their trucks? We currently have a system, works good, however we have a sales guy from SHAW pushing for us to purchase their equipment. The purchase rate is $999 per unit, plus installation costs per unit (not sure of rate as its done by a 3rd party), $3500 for fleet intregation, $1275 for activation, training $1500, + $59 per month for each unit. Is that reasonable?
Depends on your needs Shaw and Peoplenet are pretty much the only choice out there if you're serious about tracking equipment and driver performance etc. For anything else there are cheaper solutions.


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We have been with Shaw for years and have no issues. The cost of the MCP 50 are $999 BUT we are only paying $39 per month to use them. As far as the rest of the cost, like I said it has been years, so I cannot comment on the Fleet intregation and activation or training. RT Installations in Mississauga charges $200 to install the MCP50.


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We have been with Peoplenet since they came to Canada and are very happy with them. Sorry can't comment on cost because we bought a bunch of units on deal a couple of years ago and have not purchased anything since. We have unlimited messages and auto updates every half hour for $40 a month.