Safety Compliance Manager


Curious what do you feel is a "fare" going pay rate for a safety Compliance Manager, Job - hire drivers, log auditing/compliance, driver disciplinary, accidents, general all around company safety? $25/hr $28/hr?


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I am sure that $25-28/hr might be the “fare” rate these days, but as a manager, perhaps something more like $65-75K/ year might be more “fair”. An hourly rate could lead to confusion and complications when you consider the amount of after hours and weekend work involved in in a position such as this. If you’re serious about safety and your company image, it isn’t wise to be chintzy with the salary of such a key employee. Strictly my humble opinion.


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I think a lot depends on how many drivers and how much equipment you have? Do you have a good safety department already or is this person going to build it for you? Truly everything comes down to "you get what you pay for", if you are a small say 20 to 30 truck fleet then you are probably in the price range.