Richard Gerth (Gerth Transport) passed away


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RIP Richard.
Sympathies to family & friends.
I used to do a lot of business with Gerth & Gerth Ent / Gerth Transport back in the day. I think the first time I spoke with Keith Hopper who is on this board he was a dispatcher at Gerth.
I'm certain he will be missed.
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RIP Richard.

You will be dearly missed by family, friends and industry members you truly where on of the good guys.

Yes he will be and it was a great place to work at as everyone was considered family and some of us continue to have that bond.


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My first “real” job in the trucking industry was at Gerth Transport when I was going to university. The people were great – I had the opportunity to learn so much from a lot of great people – loading trailers on the dock, driving, and working in the office. Richard was very kind and generous to me – allowing me the opportunity to learn so many things. He paid me well and basically let me work when I wanted, and all the hours I wanted, because he knew that I had to pay for school. I will never forget the opportunities that he gave me.