QEW Van/Truck Accident


OK, since I have never been a driver of a big rig, can anyone explain how this could be possible? I read in the news that the van that lost control on the QEW - ran into the back of the trailer - therefore causing the big rig and trailer to flip over on its side?

I know there must be an explaination and I just want clarification and to learn one more thing today.....

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Depending on where the van hit the trailer and the reaction by the driver it is obviously possible, my guess would be it hit at the back duels and started a jack knife (trailer probably would have been empty).


Thanks lowmiler88....I can picture that. Actually they indicated that the trailer was loaded with televisions....there is going to be a sale somewhere soon.....check your local Brick Flyers...Just fortunate that no one was seriously injured.


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Two summers ago , we had our driver running north bound on the 77 in NC.

He was loaded , grossing over 60,000lbs and cruising at 65mph. He was minding his own business and spilled his coffee when he was bumped forward. He looked in his rear view mirror and saw pieces of car fly all over the place behind him.
What was left of an Escalade passed him and then flew through the median in the other direction.

He pulled over and called the police. An officer arrived and a report was filed. The Escalade had got into two other accidents within the hour and totaled two other cars where about the driver fled on foot.

There was no noticeable damage to the dry van, but enough force was exerted to shove it forward . the officer anticipated the driver was rolling close to 90mph.

Believe it or not, this appears on our SAFER record as an accident!!!!


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I'm guessing it was a load of Samsung TVs given that it was a Hub intermodal container involved, pulled by A C Transport likely.

I'd say it was a knee jerk reaction that got out of hand and it ended up flipping over. Probably scared the crap out of the guy.