Premier Tech Horticulture - Accounts Payable


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Happy New Year - I am hoping someone can help me connect with Accounts Payable at Premier Tech...
We did two loads for them in November 2020 and they sent me a payment notice in Dec showing the invoices were paid - but I got nothing in my bank account - have been trying since then to have someone look into it at their end - my bank shows no payments being made.
I get no response - No luck - anyone have contact info to call / email - I have:

Service d’impartition Interne des Comptes à payer
Accounts Payable Shared Services
T: 418 867-8883 #16692
F: 418 862-6642

Thank you


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UPDATE - I got paid today
It was very hard to get a hold of anyone - I finally called the customer at 90 days and got a response
I am surprised as usually they are good with payments from what other carriers have told me...I may have been super special