Pay to HWY O/O


I wanted to conduct a poll : For a cross border HWY Owner Operator, what is the average pay per mile i.e. $ 1.50 - $ 1.75 + all drops & picks paid for. This poll is based on that the company they work for pays for 100% insurance, tolls, trailers are owned by company, O/O runs under company CVOR - O/O only pays for their truck, fuel and plates. Just curious. Thanks

RK in AB

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Ours are in the same neighbourhood as Rob. They get more when they do OD and that is on a graduated scale.

I have a question; How many companies pay for resets on the road and no load days?

Michael Ludwig

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We pay our guys a layover if, through no fault of their own, there is no load. It's $125.00 for the first night, and $800.00 every night thereafter. Needless to say, that $800.00 is being charged to somebody.
We pay percentage, plus tolls and fuel tax. They pay plates and insurance. 72% if they use our trailer, 85% if they use their own, or a customer trailer.