Ottawa File Numbers / Container Banks


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Hey Guys and Gals. Looking for anyone who has some experience with Ottawa File Numbers or Container Banks for ITT's. Had a carrier put a PARS number on one of these in error and it gave the CBSA officer a fit. They sent it in bond and now we need to either provide the appropriate number or clear it through a broker. Customer is a US Corp with no Canadian Broker and before we send them to set one up I'd like to figure out how to get this number for them or instruct them on how to recover it themselves.. Naturally they have been shipping ITT's to Canada forever and no one there knows what their Ottawa File Number might be. Typically ITT's just gets declared on the E-manifest with no formal entry and its never an issue. If you've solved this problem before and can share your experience that would be appreciated.



Jim L

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For a carrier to move inland under an IIT the carrier must declare the number of pieces and mark it as such in the exception on the ACI. We always put the OTTAWA FILE NUMBER in the notes because the CBSA officer sometimes asks for it and its real smooth when its already in the notes.

We have had situations where a shipper says that they are IIT and they always ship them as such but they cannot produce the Ottawa File Number. Upon further investigation the owner did not have one and should have an entry each and every time under PARS. When it came time for the customer to complain that their broker had to make a PARS they contacted CBSA and found out that they were doing it wrong for a long time. In the end they received a zero dollar AMPS penalty because they came clean about it. The previous carrier, from what I heard, got a big AMPS penalty because they could not provide the Ottawa file number for all the loads and should have asked for one.

I'm afraid that unless you obtain the Ottawa File Number from the owner of the racks you will have to find a broker to create an entry for those empties.