New to here ...

Michael Ludwig

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G'day Everyone:

New to this site ... frankly, it's about time someone set something like this up. Kudos to those that did.

Been noodling around here for a couple weeks, lots of good information vis-a-vis brokers that don't pay and carriers that don't deliver. Haven't had a whole lot of time to look at much else.

Something I have been able to pick up on though is that there seems to be a few "fishermen" here from the carrier side of of things. It seems as though they are just looking to see who the reliable brokers are and who aren't. These days, I'm not too sure I would be willing to give up that sort of information ... just one more carrier I have to compete with for "my" load broker's freight. But, that's just me ;)

Somewhere I thought I saw a place for suggestions ... If I might ... RFQ's !
Who is putting them out, who you contact to get in on them etc...etc...etc.
A lot of times they are invitation only, but that could be information that could help broaden everyone's scope ... as an example, I was sent one a few months back for freight out of BC ... I have no use for freight out of BC, but perhaps someone else her does. Anyways, just a thought.