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I had a driver do his MTO medical last week and he told me later that day he passed his medical. He ended up handing the medical into the MTO before giving us a copy of it. He has already contacted his DR to get a copy of the medical to prove to the company that he did indeed pass, but they of course want to charge him more money.

Any other ways to get a copy of the medical?


Igor Galanter

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Frankly, I'm surprised that company asking for a copy...
First time in my experience...
There is some privacy issues with that...


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Yes definitely a violation of privacy, It's one thing if they hand you a copy without you asking. But you may not want to look at it should the driver have a know condition that his/her doctor is monitoring on a regular basis. Should an accident happen leave the blame to the doc for signing the medical, that's what they have liability insurance for. If there is a condition and you know about you could be held liable for sending them down the road.

Jim L

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Thanks guys. We'll wait for the MTO to update and then get a new abstract.

The MTO updates the date immediately upon receipt if handed in if the first 9 boxes contain "NO". If there is a YES it is subject to further review by MTO and could take time.

As a policy we do not collect or file the drivers medical due to the sensitivity of the information contained. We follow up with our drivers to remind them of upcoming due dates for medicals and to remind them to have their doctors create a photocopy before handing one into the MTO and personally filing the other. When the driver says they have completed the medical and handed it in we pull an abstract about two weeks before the due date to confirm it has been updated. This gives us time if necessary to have the driver call MTO should it not be updated.