LTL Carriers-Toronto area to Jacksonville, FL


Well my last attempts went so well I thought I'd post another question.

We have regular LTL to Jacksonville, FL. We have 2 regular carriers but for reasons below are looking for a new one.
We are familiar with the Link and who posts, but I really want to know who does it well, consistently, is easy to contact and actually tells the truth about why something is late. But I do want carriers that are very rarely late.
We also prefer a carrier that goes twice a week. pickup by Friday and deliver by Tuesday. Pickup Monday for delivery by Friday. It's OK if they go once a week too, but trying to find one that fits all.
We have been using:
Andy Stieva - My review: They get the job done, very expensive for that lane, and not the best communicators.
Beyond Transportation - We used them for years and recent issues have my client requesting we find another.
I'll say right away we are not fans of Executive Transport just from historical issues. (nothing recent)

Once again to anyone, thanks in advance. I hope I can return the favor sometime with others enquiries.



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There are, I believe, more than 1 Blueline. The one is Milton is pretty good from our experience.


I'm sure they are referring to the Blueline in Milton.

They do not treat everyone equally.

They're good to me... I talk to others (that I would consider a comparable company) and they find them stand offish, difficult to deal with.

So... I'm not too sure what the measuring stick is over there but it seems you either like them or you don't.


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They have done a good job for me also whenever we have matched up.
I second that. Even though we don't connect all that often... Altanic has for a longtime been one of my favorite carriers. For the simple reason... they always do what they say they will... when they say they will.

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Blue Line..............if there is anyone else that goes to Florida every week, ive never heard of them.