Lotus Transportation out of Mississauga


Do not use their service. They under cut people, and not pay any of their vendors. Kamaljit Hira is a real estate person and takes all the money and re-invest into properties, and double dips and not pay his employees or drivers on time. There is one ex-employee that did not get paid his termination nor vacation pay. I would like you all the know this, so we can put a stop to his wrongful ways to people and making our market bad. It is owners like him that cause our Intermodel market to tank, and cause additional problems within the network. He has been telling people that his ex-partner owes him money. In which is not a fact as he paid all money based on documentation of dissolving a business. He has accounts with Direct Right, APPS transportation, Q and day and Ross. He has been bad mouthing people all this life. As a real estate person he will lie through his teeth.
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