Looking for insurance company 1 year driver experience


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I have found most will allow it if you have a fleet policy that has an annual premium of at least $100,000. I have had many excellent drivers with less then 3 years experience I've had to pass on. Every time I ask the ins brokers, they seem to treat a driver with 0-3 years experience as the same amount of exposure. One great kid with a year experience would have added $32,000 annual to my policy for Can/US coverage.
That driver now hauls oversized loads with less then 2 years under his belt and is covered by a policy that pays to play in that market for rookie drivers.


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Hi Paul - I’m a broker. PM me with your fleet details. Typically the “1yr experience” is reserved for the bigger guys.

Insurance has taken a pounding over the past couple of years and a strong stance on “new drivers”. We are in a HARD market.

There are arguments to be made on both sides of this but my role keeps me as an advocate on your side. Let me see if I can help.