Loading delays at a shipper (days, not hours...)

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Good day InsideTransport! I have a situation and I am looking for some input on how to best resolve; We have a load booked with a carrier (that runs vans, has a logistics division here in the GTA, as it is flatbed freight, just for some context).

Initially we had the load booked with them from PA to Ontario last Friday, we arrived on site Friday afternoon, and were told that the load was not ready to ship yet, so they agree to pay us $250 for a TONU and we are told it will be ready on Monday to pick up; Apparently this is some used warehouse equipment for the carriers own whse up here in Ontario.
We arrive this Monday afternoon before the close and while our driver is waiting to be loaded the crew on site advises our driver they wont be able to load him until 10am next day. We communicate this to broker on Monday night by email that this what we were told.

On Tuesday we had 22 emails back and forth between our dispatch team and broker providing updates and pictures regarding the continued issues we had loading. Due to the nature of this freight, the used equipment was getting loaded on our flatbed trailer on Tuesday morning over the side and over-width from the legal 102" wide hanging out past the sides of the trailer, as well as loading it in a way that was not safe to secure for transport, the crew loading took no regard for these factors. We cannot legally move from the shipper location due to this and we are told to come back tomorrow (Wednesday) to get reloaded. Tuesday evening we explain our charges up to Wednesday morning, for all of these delays.

Wednesday Morning comes and we again have 9 emails back and forth between broker and our operations with updates about the challenges in getting this load sorted out and finally depart the shipper at 3pm yesterday (Wednesday) all sorted out and loaded. We send an email 1/2 hour after leaving the shipper adding our charges for the delays today on top of Monday and Tuesdays delay charges (that were explained to them on Tuesday afternoon).

Today the broker response (now escalated to the G.M. at said broker/carrier for the frist time this week) is that they will pay us a lay over for Monday and layover for Tuesday (at less than what we advised our layover charge in advance) and some delay time at about 30% of extra charges we have requested, and this was all updated as we went as well. Anyways, we try and call the GM and we were hung up on when trying to discuss a middle ground that works for everyone not just him, given the context of the situation, after he advises he will not negotiate with us on this and to take his offer or.... (?)

My questions are:
What is a fair rate to compensate for a driver, tractor and flatbed trailer on a short haul lane (keeping in mind the freight had been stuck on our trailer since Tuesday so we could not even just pull out, and in this time the driver could have been back and reloaded on another trip in this time from) from Monday afternoon to Wednesday afternoon?

How could we have handled this any differently? We literally kept the broker in the loop the entire time, and now we are being told by the GM that we are holding a load ransom because we do not agree that the charges they are willing to pay this morning is "good enough" (The load is currently still in transit)


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This thread did not end up benefiting either party to this difficult shipment nor the general readership on this site.

Every difficult shipment comes with it's own set of challenges and we need to hash things out on the phone or in person in a civilized manner.

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