Kruger - Montreal


I have been hauling for this client thru CHRW and would like to know if there are any other brokers handling lanes for Kruger ?
Heres the problem. CHRW broker the loads out to carriers who then end up double brokering the loads out eg DIESEL TRANSPORT. CHRW end up paying quick pay and you might end up with having to deal with lawsuit trying to get your money. So if you dont do your homework and see who you are dealing with then you might get screwed!!!


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The deal between CHR and Kruger is a tmc deal, where Kruger chooses the carrier partners but the tenders are all coming from mytmc. This is a division of CHR, and while mytmc aiutomatically invites CHR to participate in any bids they conduct, they get what they're awarded based on the customer's analysis.

The award is probably split up pretty good, and I'm sure you have players involved like XTL though probably a few others. CHR may end up brokering to jokers like Diesel ... the only way to find out is to check your bills and see who the freight is routed with. If it's routed with CH, just go around the joker who double-brokered it.

CHR is pretty lax about what they need from a carrier to qualify them, and I think that's what creates part of the problem.