Keylink, Mountain Eagle


Does anyone know if these 2 companies are associated I received a call from a lady who told me that her husband had not been paid.
She told me that cheques were bouncing. and asked if I could pay her husband as he did a shipment for me.
The call was strange at the least and we do not believe we have to pay a driver directly. Anyone know?


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Sounds like perhaps the carrier you originally gave the load to is not paying their drivers, or the original carrier re-brokered the load and that carrier isn't paying their drivers. Best place to start would be a phone call to the carrier you gave the load to and ask them what's going on.

Igor Galanter

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If that unpaid couple will contact all involved parties, the outcome may be unpredictable for you, LoadGirl..
Unless you don't care, eh...


I actually did 2 shipments with this company both completed over 3 months ago. I have only heard from this lady who said that husband got a bounced check for one of my deliveries. It is not even clear if the driver was an employee or sub contractor so I am not going to worry about it at this point.


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Mountain Eagle and Keylink Transport are associated together. The owner for both companies is the same. They do not pay carriers on time or do not pay carriers that do shipments for them. For all freight carriers and brokers please stay away from these both companies as they are not trust worthy on paying on time.