Jamie Woodley - Rome Transportation


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We also had Issues with Rome , without getting into details it was beyond insulting the way we were treated. Tried to contact Derrek for months but we were just ignored. In court with them now. DNU list for sure.


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Funny, just the other day I saw on call display at work...Rome Logistics from a 519 area code. Just decided to have it sent to voicemail, and nothing.

Michael Ludwig

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Simple math kids ...
Carrier states driver was loaded at 4:00 PM, and also states Rome expected delivery between 10:00 PM and 11:00 PM, same day. That is a 7 hour transit window. My miler shows 7 hours and 44 minutes transit time. As soon as it was loaded, this load was never going to make it on time. Both the driver and the carrier should have known it right then and there. The only way this was ever going to work was if the carrier put a truck on the road the minute they accepted the load.
Now I agree that Rome cannot just arbitrarily deduct $500.00 from the carrier, but the service failure is 110% on the carrier. One certainly can't blame Rome for being pissed.