Ignorance at it best.


Here is what I think. I think truck drivers see this every day, really. I also agree with lowmiler that the driver of the truck crowded too close after the fact. But I believe that the Ministry of Transport needs to acknowledge that drivers of passenger cars do not fully understand the time trucks need to slow down or stop. Why have they not dedicated a section of the driver's handbook to teaching passenger cars on how to safely share the road with large vehicles? I actually think that if driver's education courses did the same, it would create a better awareness. Of course it will not solve the problem, but educating drivers of cars would be a good step in the right direction. I think a lot of driver's out there simply don't get that trucks cannot stop as fast as they can.
Definitely agree with that. A lot of accidents can be avoided and in many causes lives can be saved if this was taught.

Gord M

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The Professional driver just lets that go, he cant afford to have bad drivers ruin his day. Avoid the knumbskull and smile, carry no grudges to the next mile of road. Shake it off and have a coffee and think how lucky that guys family is that he had a Professional driver behind him.