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Does anyone have experience with Highway Xpress from Brampton?
Contact is Sonny 905-913-4444


Careful.....I had them booked on a hot team flatbed load from Pr Rupert BC to Toronto. Team was to load 8am Dec 19. I tried calling and emailing on Dec 18 to make sure all was on schedule. Got an email after 9pm from Sonny saying the drivers did not want to bob-tail as roads were bad. Sonny said he would call me in the am. I emailed back and suggested a Saturday pick up for the team. I also mentioned he must have known way before he emailed me that there was a problem. Would have been nice to know as soon as he knew he was not going to do the load. NO REPLY at all to this date. caused me a lot of grief and revenue to get a replacement team at the 11th hour, not to mention bruising client relationship. Another on the DNU list.


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If the Sonny you are referring to is Sonny Ghosh that was at Galaucha Brothers then onto FLS, then yes... a scammer and full of nothing but lies and broken promises kind of a guy. He dropped the ball on us on a load that he was supposed to do - truck never showed up and never made 1 call why.

Made for a bad day with my customer.
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