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Need to know how much hazmat we can haul without having to follow the placards or using a certified driver. Thanks


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if not certified driver you can't haul any, placards I think is 900lbs but that I might be wrong on.


without knowing the particulars,

150 kg limited quantity exemption providing meets below.

1.15 150 kg Gross Mass Exemption

(1) Part 3 (Documentation), Part 4 (Dangerous Goods Safety Marks), Part 5 (Means of Containment), Part 6 (Training) and Part 8 (Accidental Release and Imminent Accidental Release Report Requirements) do not apply to the handling, offering for transport or transporting of dangerous goods on a road vehicle, a railway vehicle or a ship on a domestic voyage if


(a) in the case of

(i) dangerous goods included in Class 2, Gases, they are in one or more small means of containment in compliance with the requirements for transporting gases in Part 5, Means of Containment, or

(ii) dangerous goods not included in Class 2, Gases, they are in one or more small means of containment designed, constructed, filled, closed, secured and maintained so that under normal conditions of transport, including handling, there will be no accidental release of the dangerous goods that could endanger public safety;


(b) except for dangerous goods included in Class 2, Gases, the dangerous goods are contained in one or more means of containment each of which has a gross mass less than or equal to 30 kg;


(c) the gross mass of all dangerous goods

(i) transported on the road vehicle or the railway vehicle is less than or equal to 150 kg, and

(ii) transported on the ship on a domestic voyage is less than or equal to 150 kg, excluding dangerous goods in a road vehicle or railway vehicle being transported on the ship; and


(d) the dangerous goods are in a quantity or concentration available to the general public and are transported

(i) by a user or purchaser of the dangerous goods, or

(ii) by a retailer to or from a user or purchaser of the dangerous goods.


(2) Subsection (1) does not apply to dangerous goods that

(a) are in a quantity or concentration that requires an emergency response assistance plan;

(b) require a control or emergency temperature;

(c) are included in Class 1, Explosives, except for

(i) UN numbers UN0044, UN0105, UN0131, UN0161, UN0173, UN0186, UN0191, UN0197, UN0276, UN0312, UN0323, UN0335 if classified as a consumer firework, UN0336, UN0337, UN0351, UN0373, UN0404, UN0405, UN0431, UN0432, UN0454 and UN0499, and

(ii) UN numbers UN0012, UN0014 and UN0055 if the cartridges are for shotguns or, in the case of cartridges for rifles or pistols, the calibre is less than 12.7 mm (50 calibre);

(d) are included in Class 2.1, Flammable Gases, and are in a cylinder with a capacity greater than 46 L;

(e) are included in Class 2.3, Toxic Gases;

(f) are included in Class 4, Flammable Solids, and Packing Group I;

(g) are included in Class 5.2, Organic Peroxides, unless they are allowed to be transported as limited quantities in accordance with section 1.17 and column 6 of Schedule 1;

(h) are liquids included in Class 6.1, Toxic Substances, and Packing Group I;

(i) are included in Class 6.2, Infectious Substances; or

(j) are included in Class 7, Radioactive Materials, and are required to be licensed by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission.

Think that takes you out of the game unless it is your product.

Other than that section there is no exemption above that.


Us hazmat

I have also heard that a CDN driver hauling HAZMAT in the USA must be FAST approved!
Can anyone verify this, or is it an urban legend?

All our driver are certified so we have not run across the problem.


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If the product is regulated, it has to be placarded unless it is something where there is a hazmat component of a product where the hazmat is labeled 'LQ'.

In addition to being FAST approved, one also needs to hold $5M or $10M liability insurance, depending on class.